Soft Commodity Investment

In 2009 the global population increased by 74.6 million and is predicted to reach 9.2 billion by 2050. This huge population expansion is having a large impact on demand for staple food products derived from wheat. As the amount of arable land available on earth is largely fixed, basic economic theory dictates there will be increased pressure on food supplies which will lead to price rises.

This innovative opportunity allows investors to capitalise on this global demographic trend by purchasing land within an active farm. The farms are based in Western Australia in an area known as the wheat belt; the main characteristics of the investment are as follows:

  • Investors receive 70% of the net income from the sale of crops- returns are projected to be 12-14% per annum

  • The land is priced at less than 10% of the current price of arable farmland in most parts of England

  • Investors will receive 100% from of the sale of their land at the end of the investment term in 2017- this includes all capital growth

  • The farms will be overseen by one of the largest farm consultancy services in the region- FARMANCO, who currently have clients with an asset base in excess of AUD $ 2.1 Billion.

  • This investment can be included within a Self Invested Pension Plan (SIPP)


'After coming out of a quarter-century bear market, we are now at year one of a 20-yearbull market in agricultural and soft commodity prices.'

- Christopher Wyke (shroders)

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